Following the Central Bank’s decision dated 5/5/2011 authorizing NCLW to grant small loans through banks, NCLW launched “Najah Loan” allowing women to benefit from concessional loans for the purpose of financing economic, industrial, agricultural, touristic, technological and service-based activities.

In 2014, NCLW signed an agreement with the Lebanese Association for Development-Al-Majmoua to implement a joint project SEWA which aims at providing technical assistance for women who wish to benefit from NCLW’s loans.

SEWA project includes the following services: business ideas, production, marketing, networking, financial services…


  • Numerical Snapshot of SEWA project
  •  Number of Clients :72 Micro credit clients
  •  Disbursed amount: 102,065
  •  Number of clients-beneficiaries who received an integrated package (financial and non- financial services):  52 clients.
  •  People with Disability percentage : 1.4 %
  • Average Age of the targeted clients : 35 years old
  •  Average of start-up clients: 25%


Additionally NCLW organized with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon a contest for economic institutions working on promoting gender equality at the work place. The criteria set for choosing the winning institutions were the following: the adoption of a gender perspective in human resources policy and planning, the institution’s strategy to enhance the career promotion of women, the incentives granted to the employees in terms of trainings, wages, leaves in general and maternity leaves…

The award was handed over to three institutions: the laboratories of the Chamber of Commerce of Tripoli and the North of Lebanon, Audi Bank, and United Sports of Lebanon Co. Participated in the ceremony the Minister of Labor Mr. Sajaan Azzi, president of economic institutions in the private sector, Mr. Adnane Kassar, Ex-ministers Mr. Raymond Audi, Mrs. Wafaa Dikah, Mr. Mohammad Chouceir, president of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon, and Mr. Toufic Dabboussi, president of Tripoli Chamber of Commerce.


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