About Us

NCLW’s main objectives are to:

• Implement gender mainstreaming in public administrations through actions and
mechanisms enforcing and institutionalizing Gender Focal Points’ (GFPs) network in
Lebanese public administrations and institutions.

• Oversee the implementation of the goals of international instruments and conventions Lebanon has ratified.

• Create a knowledge data-base that will enable various stakeholders to monitor the
progress in and challenges of advancing gender equality and women’s human rights in Lebanon.

• Foster networking and cooperation on issues related to gender mainstreaming
between Lebanese non-governmental institutions and public institutions.

• Encourage the exchange of knowledge, experience and best practices related
to women issues on different levels through NCLW’s strong partnerships with international local and regional organizations and partners to promote women’s and gender advancement.

• Facilitate access to knowledge through NCLW library with resources available in French, English and Arabic.