National Commission for Lebanese Women implements capacity development programs in cooperation with its partners.
  • Corporate Women Directors

    Corporate Women Directors

    The National Commission for Lebanese Women (NCLW) and the Lebanese League for Women in...

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  • teststtstt

    Training Centers

    Based on the strategic objective set by the National Strategy for Women in Lebanon (2011-2021) which emphasized the necessity of strengtheni...

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  • Economic Empowerment

    Following the Central Bank’s decision dated 5/5/2011 authorizing NCLW to grant small loans through banks, NCLW launched “Najah Loan” allowin...

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  • Political Participation

    Workshop sessions on the electoral laws for the enhancement of women political participation. NCLW has organized with the cooperation of th...

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  • Reproductive Health

    Achieving full equality between men and women in health care through the provision of health services and care for girls and women including...

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  • Women & Environment

    Enhancing the contribution of women to environmental protection.

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