Mrs. Sossi Boladian: Biography

  • Graduate of the School of Pharmacy from The American University of Beirut
  • Conducted research and studied physical pharmacy at a Masters level
  • Owner of a community pharmacy, Pharmacie La Colline, in the Metn area
  • Healthcare consultant emphasizing the role of early breast cancer detection education
  • Member of the National Commission for Lebanese Women (NCLW) since its establishment in 1998
  • Member and treasurer (by governmental decree) of the Executive Board of the National Commission of Lebanese Women between 1998 and 2016
  • Member and coordinator of the health committee at the NCLW since 1998
  • Member in the steering committees for strategic planning and policy making projects with the UNFPA and the EU for women’s rights and empowerment at the NCLW
  • Founding member of the Arab Women’s Organization, 2001
  • Participated in several conferences and symposiums in the Middle East (Amman, Cairo, Damascus, and Abu Dhabi) and Europe (Rome, Geneva,  and Brussels)
  • Member in the Executive boards of the following organizations

o   Armenian Red Cross of Lebanon

o   Azounieh Armenian Hospital

o   Jinishian Memorial Program