Cathy Chami

Born and based in Lebanon, Cathy holds a degree in Mass Communications and Languages from the University of Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania,  and a Mediation degree “Certificat d’aptitude à la la pratique professionnelle de la médiation” from the Centre Professionnel de Mediation, Université St Joseph, Beirut- Lebanon.

She is a freelance environmental consultant and one of the founders of World Environment Group and chief editor of World Environment

Magazine and TV.

Passionate about the environment Cathy advocates environmentalism among children and in corporations as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

She deeply believes that education and information are powerful tools in promoting social and behavioral change.


She has represented the NCLW at the UNDP Gender and Climate change workshops in Nairobi in 2019 and Montenegro in 2020 as well as at the meeting on the establishment of the Arab Women Network for Peace Mediators, in Cairo.


As part of her continuous engagement towards a greener Lebanon Cathy has co-founded in 2018 Green Cedars Lebanon (NGO) to promote environmental awareness in Lebanon.

She is as well the co-founder of LOGS (Lebanese Organization

for Green Schools– NGO) to promote a green education in Lebanese schools.

From 2016 till 2018 Cathy joined as board member the committee put in place by the UNDP “Together Towards Sustainable Development

(T2SD) for Lebanon”. A project aiming to engage the private sector in

the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

through advocacy, lobbying, and the implementation of developmental activities.